Being 'high' while driving

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Re: Being 'high' while driving

Postby Mr Cholmondeley-Warner » Mon Oct 07, 2019 4:08 pm

I occasionally take pictures of my co-drivers when I'm passengering. Among the group I drive with, the similarity in seating position is remarkable. Every one looks as if they're just sat in a comfortable chair, with the addition of a steering wheel to give them something to do :) The overall impression is one of relaxation. This comes from a common method of setting up, as defined above by Martin. Some have the seat higher than others, but I think mostly we like it fairly low, consistent with being able to see out properly. Although I started off in my driving career with the seat well back and straight arms, I've gradually evolved to this same "armchair" position, and am grateful that I discovered it. I mostly drive with hands at 3:45 now, although I was brought up with 1:50, and it's much less stressful to the shoulders and neck. If I was forced to go back to 1:50 I probably would raise the seat to get my hands back on a level with, or lower than, my heart.

When I was first given a company car and expected to drive long distances fairly frequently for work, my shirt collar size increased by at least 2 sizes (these days it's more like 3) as a result of the additional work my neck muscles were doing. Trackdays, wearing a helmet while experiencing increased g-forces, exacerbated this. I imagine keen motorcyclists go through the same thing.

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Re: Being 'high' while driving

Postby GTR1400MAN » Mon Oct 07, 2019 5:16 pm

My neck is now suffering after years of carrying the extra weight of a full face crash helmet. Pain from Arthritis in my neck and horrible grating noises as I move from left to right. Dr's solution ... pain killers. I'm currently looking at a Halvarsons motorcycling heated neck tube that runs from a USB power pack.
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