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Advanced Driving in New Zealand

Postby akirk » Sat Oct 03, 2015 10:19 pm ... ng-course/

There are several recognised courses (this is a NZ government website)
passing can reduce the age at which you can drive...

In NZ you can start learning at 16, with a minimum of 6 months then as a learner (to 16.5) and then 18 months on a restricted licence (to 18)

doing an 'advanced' course can reduce your time before the full licence.

Interesting to see a slightly more structured approach than we have - but also to start putting some concept of advanced driving - also referred to as defensive driving, the course can include:
This course helps you develop:
- advanced driving skills
- better control
- hazard identification
- the ability to make the right decisions
- the ability to manage risk


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Re: Advanced Driving in New Zealand

Postby WhoseGeneration » Thu Oct 08, 2015 7:39 pm

Same old, the majority of NZ drivers don't have a clue, as with here. I know, we've been driven by a few and I've driven many times there.
Thing is, many of the roads there have little margin for mistakes but for local drivers it's just the familiar such that any concept of "what if" doesn't occur to them.
Those who've driven us, male and female are very capable in terms of car control but just don't ever seem to consider what might be around that blind bend they've just barrelled into.
Oh, btw, safe straightlining of bends is not approved of by the local Police.

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