Driving in Africa

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Driving in Africa

Postby Silk » Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:19 am

I've never driven in Africa. I know a couple of Africans at work. They say the roads are pretty much the same as in the UK close to cities, but nothing more than dirt tracks elsewhere. One of my workmates has family in Kenya, and they drive on the correct side of the road, most of the time.

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Re: Driving in Africa

Postby Discov8 » Sun Jun 26, 2016 4:58 pm

In South Africa the main arterial roads are tarmac but other roads can be compacted dirt roads that develop corrigations due to suspension / damper frequencies especially after heavy rain.

I can't remember having any issues when I worked in SA for year.

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Re: Driving in Africa

Postby waremark » Sun Jun 26, 2016 5:29 pm

In SA the single carriageway national speed limit on major roads seemed to be 120 kph. Seemed quite enlightened to me.

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Re: Driving in Africa

Postby Astraist » Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:00 pm

As with everywhere, Africa (not just the country of South Africa but the whole continent) has some surprisingly developed, modernised places and obviously roads are going to be held to a higher standard there, although I should imagine the driving population not to be too well civilized and prudent.

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