Cost of driving in the US

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Cost of driving in the US

Postby Playtent » Wed Oct 28, 2015 1:37 pm

I've been having a look at leasing whilst I'm in Florida and the deals just make you sick.
A 2016 BMW M5 for $875 a month which is £560! :cry:
They don't seem interested in options as they all seem to be fully loaded regardless of the model. All the 528i I've looked at have sunroofs and all the packs, visibility, comfort etc. They don't even mention the options in the sales blurb there that common.

Or you could go for a 328i with no down payment, 10k per annum for $294 unless your happy to put down $3000 then it's yours for $212 a month! That's £139 a month!

As a comparison the £10k of options on my car in the UK would add £170 a month to the lease price should I have leased it. I could lease a whole car for less in the US. :shock:

How can they do this? Oh and fuel is £1.29 a US gallon! :cry:

How about a Jag F type convertible 2015 with 7k on the clock for £33k? Or the V8 2014 with 18k on the clock for £38k?

I feel sick! :cry:

So ok the US have crap roads but I'm sure there are some good ones around if you know where to look.

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Re: Cost of driving in the US

Postby Pyrolol » Thu Oct 29, 2015 10:11 am

Even better, you can claim tax deductions for a decent part of the initial depreciation.

As for roads, just go somewhere with mountains.

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Re: Cost of driving in the US

Postby ChristianAB » Mon Nov 02, 2015 3:49 pm

If you look at VAT, I think there is a 15-10% difference between VAT here and their so-called 'sales tax'. That may explain part of the gap. Another culprit might be the exchange rate, as prices react slowly even when dollars goes up against sterling pounds.

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