Road Trip to Euroe 2017

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Road Trip to Euroe 2017

Postby SBD762 » Sat Sep 10, 2016 4:58 pm

Dear All
I am in the early-day process of looking at planning a road trip to Europe (2017)
The intention is to experinece as many decent 'drivers roads' as possible.
However the thrust of the trip is for me and my travel mates to go to those places "we've always wanted to go, but never got around to it"
So we'd like at least to take in:-

The F1 circuit at Spa Francorchamps ( a drive on the cicuit)
Nurburgring (a drive on the cicuit)

Stelvio Pass

The above are the main 3.

To save "reinventing the wheel" can you help please.

For those "that have" been there , done it, got the tee shirt can you feedback please any helpful information, for example.

Best time of year based on weather (if relevant to the locations)
Best time of year based on the venue (if relevant to wrong / right times to go)
Bed & Breakfast stop-overs (We'd rather spend it on fuel and fun than where we sleep!)
Pitfalls, things to watch out for:- Travel, passports, police, local laws etc.
Signpots me to any websites for infromation
While you're there drive to / or experience "such and such"

We are South West (Devon ) based but can travel from any Ferry Port etc.

Much apreciate info from those that have acutually been and done it.


Steve D

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