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Re: New rules in Spain

Postby sussex2 » Mon Feb 01, 2021 2:46 pm

jont- wrote:
sussex2 wrote:We escape the summer heat up there at Vielha and outside the ski season it is quiet and relaxed. The river Garonne flows through the town on its way to Bordeaux and the sea.
There are hot water springs and a very decent real ale bar in town - website below.
Some hotels specialise in bikers and have secure lock ups for their machines - website below.
The general standard of driving is high and I reckon because of the changeable weather.
It is a long way from the 'Costas' and a lovely part of Europe.
The people are sufficiently different and decent and friendly.

Thanks, noted for next time I'm allowed to drive to the area. I preferred to stay in France since I speak (some) French but no spanish. If you like beers, the Brasserie-du-Venasque have some great beers and were available in the supermarkets in BdL.

Viehla is on the French side of the mountains and most people speak the language + Castillian/Catalan/Aranese.
A town called Bossost (Boozeost) is famed for the many shops selling vast amounts of booze and tobacco - the French often nip along for their weekend supplies.
I think we all look forward to when we can travel about again. We will happily settle for being able to move about Catalunya but, at the moment, must settle for the more restricted borders of our own municipality.
Keep fingers crossed.

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