And so it begins....

Technology in driving is becoming more dominant...
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Re: And so it begins....

Postby jont- » Tue Nov 15, 2016 6:50 am

Oh dear... ... id=1330813

So the underlying problem is (mis)understanding the limits of the technology you're playing with.

I had my first experience as a Tesla passenger last week - the owner (a colleague) was quick to point out that autopilot doesn't have any traffic light detection (and the USians do like traffic lights even on major multilane roads). Now in the case above there was stationary traffic, but even in our quick ride it was obvious that while autopilot dealt very well with following distances, it wasn't looking very far ahead (eg with red lights and a traffic queue a good way off, it would wait until getting close then brake reasonably firmly, while you may have just lifted from much further back).

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