E10 Fuel

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E10 Fuel

Postby vanman » Sat Sep 25, 2021 2:58 pm

The problem appears to be significant. It is believed that the higher bioethanol content in E10 petrol could dislodge deposits in older engines and fuel systems, causing blockages; it could also cause some seals, gaskets, metals and plastics to corrode. Also can degrade after three months.

Is E10 fuel better than unleaded?
E10 petrol is actually a slighter higher octane (94) than regular 91 in a lot of cases, and that can mean your engine performs better. However, ethanol lowers the energy level of the blend by 30%, which means you may experience a slight loss in fuel economy. I can live with that.

Ethanol. Pros: [Reduces demand for foreign oil, low emissions, high octane, and can potentially be produced from waste materials; Ah, the main reason we have been foisted with this stuff.

Good luck to those that filled up yesterday and don't use their cars much. :D

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