Older cars become more attractive by the day

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Re: Older cars become more attractive by the day

Postby sussex2 » Mon May 10, 2021 4:46 pm

Haven been in the position of being given a lot of new cars to drive/test the supply dried up and we had to settle on one we actually paid for.

Previously and before moving back to Catalunya full time we had a 1.6 MX5 California and a Citroen Nemo van - both of these were good in their own way. The little van had some of the best brakes I have ever driven. The MX5 had no knobs and buttons, except power steering and was, an MX5.

We settled on a new Peugeot 2008 with the 130bhp 3 cylinder engine and 8 speed auto. It seems very good indeed and will be ideal for the across Europe driving we hope to do (fingers crossed).
I don't find the electronics intrusive and the adaptive cruise control is very good. It really does let you concentrate on the road ahead.
A few of the dings and dongs are a bit annoying but you can switch most of them off.

The power available is ample and the response good with decent seats for long journeys.

All the cars we have owned over the years have been good in parts, and not all parts.
The worst? Equally shared between a Honda Accord and a Saab 900; even they weren't all bad.

Things have moved on and the present one is probably going to be the last pure petrol vehicle we own.

Like everything else things change but by and large I have to say that in many ways newer cars are better, in safety if nothing else.

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