Trail Braking - Flavour of the month/year?

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Trail Braking - Flavour of the month/year?

Postby GTR1400MAN » Sat Jun 15, 2019 9:17 am

YouTube is awash with Trail Braking videos for motorcycling. This has come about with a lot of promotion of the technique by Nick Ienatschin in Motorcycle World magazine (and their YouTube channel).

Your thoughts?

How do you deal with the topic if it arises with Associates?

I've ignored it up to now but thought I'd test the water with a comment on there.

Mike on YouTube wrote:Yet another video on flavour of the month/year on YouTube ... trail braking. All the people saying "I do it naturally". Don't you mean "I went in too hot and had to trail brake to get round". Trail braking is a skill. A great skill to master on a piece of road you are riding repeatedly ... oh, yes, a track. A place where you can explore how much you can get away with. The road is different every time you ride it, or this may be the only time in your life you ever ride through that particular bend. Do you really want to go in using up some of the braking power you have, loading up the front, and requiring more steering input to get the bike to lean/turn in as it wants to sit up and go straight on? What happens as the view round the bend opens up, and you are confronted with a hazard? You only have 100% of tyre grip. You can use it to lean/steer, brake or accelerate. 60% + 60% = pain. There's a reason why slow in fast out is best on the road. It is the safest.
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Re: Trail Braking - Flavour of the month/year?

Postby Horse » Sat Jun 15, 2019 2:19 pm

I did one of the sessions at Castle Combe, where there were riding groups and 'classroom' bits.

Hopp were running the riding (IYSWIM). "Instruction included "load the front wheel". I asked why, and was it didn't apply to my BM with Telelever. No explanation for anyone else, I'm still none the wiser.

Trail braking seems to me to usually be a solution to a self-inflicted problem. Worse still, I think it's likely that if a rider using it encounters a problem then they're very likely to panic brake on the rear only.
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