Sledgehammer vs Nut?

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Re: Sledgehammer vs Nut?

Postby waremark » Wed May 25, 2016 7:50 am

GTR1400MAN wrote:Harlow Council have responded to the internet storm.

Injunction Clarification

Clear as mud then. Still see no need for it given existing police powers. What it still does is leave many people liable for a criminal charge if the council/police decide to use the injunction for a specific occurence/event.

But not without first having been served, and it does indeed look like local democracy in action. This is the response of elected representatives to the concerns of electors.

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Re: Sledgehammer vs Nut?

Postby akirk » Wed May 25, 2016 9:19 am

- you don't need authorisation to get together and have a 'ride out'
- if it is likely to be large let the council and police know
- the injunction is only to stop un-authorised ride outs (but there is no need to be authorised!)
- the injunction is to stop illegal use of bikes and quads

so it has absolutely no point at all
if you don't need to be authorised then the injunction serves no purpose there
if it is to stop illegal use of bikes and quads then the very fact that the use is illegal means that there is already law to deal with it

it actually creates more issues than it prevents
- three friends meet up for a ride - totally legal and acceptable, they are quiet / polite and civilised - there is no law preventing that, nor should there be - however they are now at risk of breaching this injunction
- 100 yobs meet up for a ride out to intimidate etc. - there is an issue, great we have an injunction, let's use it - however the law needs to be applied fairly - so if you use it here, then you need to use it for our three oap friends being civilised over there... If you can't use it for both then it is badly worded / or inappropriate... The reality is that there is plenty of law which could be used already - this does smack of the council grabbing extra powers because they can

the attitude of 'we need these powers but don't worry we won't use them' is a very slippery slope towards a society most of us would not want - once they have these powers, they will be used, and inappropriately as well as appropriately / if you are not going to use them, why have them / etc.

not impressive...


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Re: Sledgehammer vs Nut?

Postby sussex2 » Wed May 25, 2016 11:35 am

I'd have thought the good burghers of Harlow would have had something else to worry about! Be warned it contains some graphic language:

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