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Re: Commentary Driving

Postby ancient » Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:08 pm

I quite like "Warning sign... Falling sheep I believe" ;)

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Re: Commentary Driving

Postby fungus » Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:53 pm

crr003 wrote:
Taffy wrote:
crr003 wrote:What next? Associate; "ooohhh look- bendy/windy/wiggly road ahead" (takes one hand off steering wheel to point at sign). So we know what it means, but would a car Observer let that go, ...

Hey, that's me that is. Well maybe I wouldn't point at the sign. That's what triggered my original post. I can't find words when I need them.

"In the distance I can see a thingy, you know, that striped thing across the road, a crossing, that's it. And there's a wotyoumacallit, a man, uhm ah yes pedestrian (excuse me for pausing to congratulate myself for finding the word 'pedestrian'), that's the word I was after, approaching it. But it's in my mirror now though so doesn't really matter perhaps".

I'm finding it very helpful to read lots of examples of commentary statements though. I can grab hold of some of these sentences much more easily than I can put one together from scratch. So this thread has been very helpful, I think.

I wouldn't worry, it's most people! And the need to fill in/talk constantly (although some will say there's always something to mention) - I wouldn't strain to fill "dead air".
If you look for examples of commentary on YouTube, some are quite "flowery" (verbose). IAM talked about three styles of commentary - a "demo" style where pretty much full sentences were being strung together to help a new Associate "get it", down to what they called a "competition" style where brief phrases or even one word would be used - the recipient would understand what the phrase meant.
I know people who think it's impressive to be able to differentiate a Zebra/(Pelican)/Puffin/Toucan/Equestrian crossing from x hundred feet......but as long as you know there's a crossing coming, that's the main thing.

Maybe the shorter style would suit you better - if it's tests you're concerned about, I think the Examiner is happy to use commentary as an indication of your observations, more than your command of language. To that end mentioning signs well in the distance (as the other poster mentioned) is a great way of showing you're scanning well, rather than getting closer and taking the risk of getting tongue tied about the actual meaning and being past it.

Do you have someone that you (and them!) would feel comfortable enough that they drove and you sat in the passenger seat commentating? Takes the pressure off having to drive and fit in all together - just till you develop some stock phrases/comments?

I sometimes change places with a learner who is struggling to read road signs and ask them to call out road signs or may be take me to a destination using direction signs. I have found that it releives the pressure of driving and encourages them to look further ahead.


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