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Re: GBOL & DSG Gearbox

Postby Pontoneer » Tue Aug 01, 2017 8:08 am

MichaelAC wrote:Hi,

with a sequential gearbox like VAG's DSG or S-tronic the ability to block gear change is removed. The problem here is that having removed your speed prior to a junction (roundabout or otherwise) having just left yourself time to change to the appropriate gear to advance my DSG box can sometimes be in the wrong gear. I may have been in sixth gear and when I've slowed it won't automatically change down quickly enough leaving me to try and click through several gears or if I had it in full auto mode (which I generally don't) it would simply leave me in the wrong gear to move me into the identified gap on a roundabout, for example.

The DSG rev matches and you don't need to remove hands from steering wheel so as long as I have completed my change downs before I make the manouvre, is BGOL actually relevant?

I'd love to hear your views and if you have a DSG and manage to avoid BGOL I'd be interested to know how you do it.

Thanks in advance.


I've never driven a car with DSG or similar , but in the distant past I did drive motorbikes which similarly have a sequential gearbox , and on bikes , with proper timing , it was possible to declurch and click down two or three gears in rapid succession .

All my cars for years have been traditional four or five speed automatics and , for me , it is second nature to use the manual selector a lot of the time . Although BGOL is often thought of as a bad thing ( this stems from the old system of car control where the six features were to be separated out and applied in sequence somewhat inflexibly at times ) ; with the 'new' IPSGA system there is a lot more flexibility and potential to overlap the phases - so why not BGOL ? It has been taught at Tulliallan for some years now .

Because I've been driving automatics almost exclusively for the last 40 years , I take the view that I have two feet for two pedals and make the most efficient use of them : that can often mean preselecting the next gear whilst braking on the approach to a hazard , then bringing in a part throttle downshift towards the end of the braking phase by easing smoothly onto the throttle before easing off the brakes and then firming up on throttle - all very wordy , but it is very smooth and it works . Use of the selector isn't always required ; in many cases application of a little throttle before finishing with the brakes will bring in a desired downshift in a very smooth manner and is advantageous to making good progress . Other times the brakes don't come into it , such as selecting a gear for an overtake while following at a steady speed , but use of throttle in conjunction with the selector almost always brings in a smoother change .

To those who hold their hands up in horror and exclaim you shouldn't brake and accelerate in an automatic at the same time , I would reply that is an old fish wives tale : my two current cars are each on about 180K with no gearbox problems ; I have had several up around 300K and the record was my 300TE-24 which was on 430K on the original gearbox when written off by an uninsured driver who hit it whilst parked .

Sometimes conventional wisdom needs to be challenged , so if avoiding BGOL doesn't work with DSG boxes I wouldn't fret .

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Re: GBOL & DSG Gearbox

Postby GTR1400MAN » Tue Aug 01, 2017 8:50 am

Press both pedals together in a dual clutch and many will sound a warning and even go into limp home mode until you restart them. If you must use left foot braking you need to be very good at it and only use one pedal at a time (another form of separation).
Mike Roberts

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Re: GBOL & DSG Gearbox

Postby AndyP » Tue Aug 01, 2017 11:36 am

Beat me to it.

It is one of my checks. There are a lot of differences.
The VXR did that, The Megane does sometimes. The Corsa 1.4 trubo does not?

They are all manual though.
Cannot emulate the WRC guy's.

Loved the Chris Harris Vid. Thanks [Well I like Renno's and Chris Harris.
It is not WHAT you drive, BUT:-- the WAY that you drive it.
It is not HOW fast you drive, BUT:-- HOW you drive fast.

Cheers Andy

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Re: GBOL & DSG Gearbox

Postby MichaelAC » Tue Aug 01, 2017 10:41 pm

Thank you Pontoneer,

I think perhaps the key is to ensure it is smooth and unhurried and to tailor the method to the vehicle. I guess if that involves BGOL then it may be OK. I have developed a very particular way of driving the DSG and to be honest it took at least three months to understand it fully and get it smooth. The early ones are a little tempermental and need an understanding driver to drive in a manner that it will understand.

I can do quick consecutive changes like on a mororbike but it is not a smooth way to use the DSG on my car. If I leave the changes to the last minute after I've slowed on my approach it can 'wrong foor' the gearbox with it having pre selected a lower gear thinking I was still slowing down.

Your method with the traditional auto sounds good to me because to me it shows that you understand your car very well and know how to communicate with it to ensure that it behaves in the way you want it too.

I'm relatively new to advanced driving and have lots to learn and practice. This was one area that I have been struggling with because when practicing to avoid BGOL the control I had over the vehicle was reduced. I have now modified what I do though and this involves less BGOL and a slower approach so I have certainly changed my style.

Thanks to everyone on here that has helped me with this topic, its been really interesting to hear your views and experience.

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