Something happened on my way home...

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Re: Something happened on my way home...

Postby gannet » Mon Nov 09, 2015 9:07 am

Keithrm wrote:The tales I could tell... Honestly, until motorists take on board the fact that the cyclist has exactly the same rights to be on the road as any other user this sort of thing will happen time and again. The "they don't pay road tax" argument has been thrown at me many times but it should be "live and let live" with the emphasis on the live bit. Present company accepted, the standard of care given to cyclist is deplorable by the motoring community in general, there are some shockingly bad cyclists but many more bad motorists. There I have said it... :twisted:

To be honest I could tell some tales too, but mostly my experiences are good natured.

I've come off twice - once was my own stupid fault and wrote my bike off, another turned out to be caused by a traffic rule difference between our country and their native country (stopped to let a bus pull out that was indicating, their countries law state they HAVE TO let them out, I stopped but went over the handlebars...).

I have had several other cyclists claim they've had the road tax argument hurled at them, but I have to say I've never had it said to me. On the whole my experiences have been good.

I shall say again that in isolation the overtaking vehicle did nothing I had any problem with at the time, they gave me loads of room and were well in front of me by the time they turned left. It was simply the fact that their resultant position blocked my visibility to the van approaching and wanting to turn right out of the same junction.

There were no words exchanged at the time, in fact as I had stopped I let the van just get on with it.

I firmly believe that respect breeds respect out on the roads with our fellow road users - of any kind. I see many of the same drivers every day, commutes being as they are. So if I was to be p*ssing them off every day, they could quite easily make everyones life a little bit more difficult...

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Re: Something happened on my way home...

Postby Horse » Wed Sep 28, 2016 10:33 am

Rick448 wrote: I bought these.
Sport Direct Mega Mini Twin LED's Silicone Light Set Black ... pwbFP80FQA

As an aside, it's worth having something like this in the car glovebox, or under the seat on a motorcycle, for those occasions if/when you breakdown along a dark lane. Perhaps when there's no mobile phone reception and you have to walk . . .
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