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Re: Seat Position

Postby akirk » Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:27 am

sussex2 wrote:I can think of few cars that are properly made for someone with large feet. I can cast my mind back to the 'proper' Saab 900 but then the pedals were offset to the left which took some getting used to.

anything landrover certainly used to be - as they expected you to be wearing wellies!


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Re: Seat Position

Postby THerald » Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:47 pm

Thanks for all your replies I have managed to get a much more comfortable position as a result. I have moved my seat up & forward and lowered my steering wheel to keep my hands at 3-9 & bellow my hart. Sadly Bavaria’s finest engineers don’t appear to have accounted for my body shape as my head now rubs the celling and I can’t see the top of the speedo. A short term fix is to remove the grab handle to get more head space but I suspect the long term fix is a new car. I recently drove a Nissan Rouge in the US (X-trail in the UK) which was quite comfy and a Hyundai Tucson which was not to bad. Any other suggestions would be great fully received. A couple of car makes that have been comfortable in the past are Saab and Peugeot. With Ford and VW group being the least.

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