Anyone for a Tesla 3?

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Re: Anyone for a Tesla 3?

Postby WhoseGeneration » Fri Apr 15, 2016 9:25 pm

Horse wrote:
WhoseGeneration wrote:
StressedDave wrote: Those predicting the rise of the electric car should take a moment out to consider the generating capacity of the UK and the amount of time it takes to charge the cars in the first place.

Exactly but there's little true concern amidst the hype.
It's all energy conversion and it has to come from a fuel of some sort.

Not just generating (although I suppose there will be a lot of petrol and diesel to burn . . . ), it's the distribution too. I'd hazard a guess that an entire cul d sac plugging in cars to charge wouldn't be too good for the distribution network.

With the future projected population numbers I suspect the UK's infrastructure will be on a knife edge.

Minor anecdotal, our electricity meter was changed to digital some years ago, dual tariff, it didn't properly work to change tariffs, so, because we didn't actually need dual a new one on single tariff was fitted. After fitter had gone I twigged that he had changed the incoming 100 amp fuse for an 80 amp fuse. Hmm, I thought, that's due to not enough capacity.

Then there's the potential of smart meters. For all sorts of nonsense and control of behaviour.

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