Dangerous safety system?

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Re: Dangerous safety system?

Postby sussex2 » Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:53 am

Just the other day I was admiring the Arc de Triomphe in Paris; made more interesting because there was some sort of ceremony going on - military bands all sorts of pomp and circumstance.. and the police? Dodging amongst the traffic to direct them with not a Hi-Viz jacket in sight! Whatever next!.
The square in which the Arc stands has numerous roads coming onto/from it and none have any kind of obigatory signs (they don't want the views of one of the greatest monuments in the country spoiled by ugly street furniture and I can agree with that).
The 'priority' rule applies throughout and it works. It does seem a tad chaotic but there are no more dented cars there than in a city like London which seems to have grown street furniture like some kind of unpleasant disease.
I wonder how these systems would operate in such a place? Would the auto braking have kicked in because the police officers nipped in front to direct the traffic? Would you be going endlessly around the circle because blind spot devices pinged something (which they would about every five seconds or less).
A considerable proportion of the cars/vans/buses circulating (you have to do that if you miss the exit the first time around) may well have had some such system fitted. The district around the square is one of the wealthiest areas of Paris and expensive/modern cars abound.
Yet the cirulation circulated and to be honest was just as interesting as the pageantery below the arc.

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Re: Dangerous safety system?

Postby Strangely Brown » Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:24 pm

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