Dead steering: no feedback

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Re: Dead steering: no feedback

Postby StressedDave » Sun Jul 03, 2016 8:25 am

Imsensible wrote:Of course not Dave, mass has no bearing on anything at all. You did say you were an engineer? Did the laws of physics change recently, or do you operate in some hitherto unknown dimension where the rules are different?

Oh, but wait, we have to have wider tyres and better brakes to cope with those changes that the extra weight doesn't bring to the party? Wow! Next you'll be saying that a fully loaded lorry doesn't use more file than an empty one.


Next time you're going to compare cumquats with apples, it does help if you know that's the case rather than disappearing off into the land of the non sequitur. And for what it's worth, were we to be on a perfectly flat Earth, the fuel consumption would be minimally different. Feel free to bother looking at the equations that control the behaviour before coming across like an obscene ventriloquist's dummy.

Now we're talking vehicle handling rather than fuel consumption. At the upper limit the equation is dependent on the maximum force which stops the tyre sliding. Now, if you actually paid attention during physics lessons, you might remember all about friction (or more strictly Coulomb friction). Now the coefficient of friction is invariant with vertical load, so the absolute flap of the performance envelope doesn't change with weight.

Before bandying about the sarcasm, it might help if you actually know what you're talking about... Alternatively, given that you only seem to appear on the forum to insult all and sundry, might I respectively suggest another forum to pollute.
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