I have had an idea - best use of autonomous vehicles

Technology in driving is becoming more dominant...
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Re: I have had an idea - best use of autonomous vehicles

Postby Rainmaker » Sun Jan 24, 2016 12:01 am

To be fair I can see where Alasdair was coming from. I am also deaf (totally on the right, partially on the left) and have finally been given hearing aids after 30+ years of struggling. I find that I'm taking in massively more information now I have them, but I was always acutely aware of my shortcoming and compensated best as I could. For example I would always wind down the windows at junctions on country roads. There was talk of emergency vehicles, but a speeding biker will be heard long before s/he is seen, especially in poor conditions. Just one example I can think of.

Back to the OP, I like it lol. I'm instinctively resistant to autonomous cars, and think modern cars are already far too cosseting. That said, after some reflection I think that provided our proper cars were always available (the more cylinders the better) getting the morons into robotically controlled safety mobiles can only be a good thing for the rest of us... :lol:

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Re: I have had an idea - best use of autonomous vehicles

Postby Wheelchap » Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:45 pm

On the subject of deafness, I have been profoundly deaf for the last 30 years; during that time I have passed my advanced driving test with the IAM.
The problem most deaf people are faced with is the loss of high frequency sounds, therefore I cannot hear things like indicators or other warning signs e.g. lights on or reversing sensors. However, I am very very alert to leaving indicators on when not needed.
I feel manufacturers could play a part in this by having adjustable tone control to the chimes that we should hear so that a hard of hearing person could turn to a lower frequency. Deafness is not so important as eyesight as driving is 98% vision.

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