Dodgy precedent?

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Re: Dodgy precedent?

Postby RiK » Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:13 pm

mainbeam wrote:Where can I find a camera that can produce that?

I doubt you can, but I've got cams front and rear in my car. Wouldn't be without them these days.

I did a bit of research first and on the Techmoan website he reviewed about 40 of them, but there was one in particular that he really liked and he said that he had settled on for his own car, so that's the one I went for: It's the DDPAI M6+ Very small and tucked in behind my mirror, I can't see it at all from the driver's seat. Wires tucked behind the headlining and door pillar it's very discrete.

In the rear window I went for the DDPAI Mini model which is very unobtrusive next to the brake light.
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Re: Dodgy precedent?

Postby exportmanuk » Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:14 pm

I have a collision around 12 months ago in my car. Driving through a pinch point 6'6" wide then turning right less than 5 yards past the restriction this was in a 20 mph zone. As a turned right a A3 sped across the front of me Broke the front bumper and off side head light cover. Driver failed to stop.

As I have dash cam I managed to get his registration number reported it to the police with a copy of the footage on a DVD

Based on the frame rate and the number of frames I calculated his speed to be around 55 MPH.

Driver was traced and got a offered a day long driver training course and his insurance paid out in full. Lesson for me, do blind spot check when turning right even if you have just gone through a pinch point.
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Re: Dodgy precedent?

Postby martine » Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:02 pm

exportmanuk wrote:...Driver was traced and got a offered a day long driver training course...

Most likely the 'National Driver Alertness Course' (NDAC) the one I help with. It's an alternative to being prosecuted...if the driver doesn't do it, they get the points and fine instead.
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Re: Dodgy precedent?

Postby Horse » Tue Aug 22, 2017 6:49 am

A trafpol on another forum predicted that public interest in this scheme will end when contributors start getting summonsed as witnesses.
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Re: Dodgy precedent?

Postby devonutopia » Tue Aug 22, 2017 12:20 pm

mainbeam wrote:
devonutopia wrote:... I would hope if the law came around to me after someone moaned about an overtake, I would at least have my dash footage to prove it was safe. :)

Where can I find a camera that can produce that?

I was thinking more about my own forward facing camera which also has speed displayed on it. Just to show the overtake done in a safe manner without excessive speed.

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Re: Dodgy precedent?

Postby MichaelAC » Mon Sep 18, 2017 6:58 pm

I think this is a good idea. I know that unless the evidence shows the complete offence then it won't be taken to prosecution. This isn't something that would be used for very minor offences but they want to catch some of the more serious one's and that suits me fine. No one is prepared to pay for taxes that allow the number of police officers that would be needed to rid our roads of dangerous drivers so if we want to actually see bad driving have consequences rather than just moan about it then this may help.

If we want a decent society then we all need to take a little responsibility for acting when we see something wrong happening, if we are able. Personally I do have a camera but don't use it very often and only got it to practice my driving when learning for the IAM test and now bored with it so it's in the glovebox but if I'd recorded something whilst I was using it and it was a serious offence then I would have sent it to the TPU.

I have taken photo evidence at roadworks showing a driver driving through the red light. The offence was so blatant and they drove towards the light at red way after it had changed then carried on through about 5 seconds after the light had gone red. I knew what sort of evidence was required and took a succession of photos which showed the complete offence, index number, car heading towards light and past light etc. It helps that I used to be in the Police I guess. The driver later attended an awareness course which I think was a good thing. Quite afew road workers die or get injured at road works because of dangerous driving; I know this because I now work monitoring them.

That's my thoughts on the matter anyway.

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