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Re: Government Think survey

Postby fungus » Tue May 31, 2016 7:18 pm

sussex2 wrote:
sussex2 wrote:
Astraist wrote:
jont- wrote:Bit worrying people think speeding is more dangerous than driving too fast for the conditions, but only to be expected given the public brainwashing campaigns telling people it's okay to run kids over so long as you do it slowly enough not to kill them :roll:

Interstingly this perception seems quite global. At the very least it's the same here...

I think people mistaken speeding for being in a hurry or being rushed in the action of driving (sounds better in hebrew, where both words have the same stem).

The antics outside our house (there's a school nearby) indicate both speeding and rushing; generally by the adults taking/collecting the little darlings from school :)

That's usually the case.

A similar situation occurs at a nearby private school

About fifteen years ago parents at this school were saying how dangerous the lane leading to the school was, and were campaigning for a 30mph limit. The lane in question is rural, and as such the speed limit is 60mph, a speed that only the completely insane would consider getting anywhere near. Their campaign failed as it was considered that the speed most drivers would travel at on the stretch of lane where the school is would be below 30mph due to the narrowness and bendiness of the lane. It is also extensively used by horse riders and walkers. The fact is that the majority of instances of inapropriate speed and bad driving are committed by the mums taking" Little Tarquin" to school. :bash:


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Re: Government Think survey

Postby Astraist » Tue May 31, 2016 8:38 pm

But funnily enough - it's rushing to the destination that leads to overdriving, which tends to bring on delays. It's true in an off-road competitive setting, and it's true on the everday on the public road.

On the other hand, a driver cruising on the Motorway in some excess of the speed limit is speeding, but isn't necessarily driving in a particularly rushed manner, and the level of associated risk follows accordingly.

It's one the hardest (but most valuable) pieces of understanding to be drummed into drivers. I see a lot of improvement in drivers made by them doing something entirely outside of the act of driving: simply managing their schedule to allow for delays in driving to their destination, and readjusting for anything that is going to delay them further.

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Re: Government Think survey

Postby sussex2 » Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:01 am

A lot of people see frenetic activity as some kind of 'must have' accessory (the more I rush the harder I'm working kind of thing).
I believe that is why the hedges of our heavily potholed Sussex roads tend to be littered with those plastic covers from door mirrors; most often the type that belong to the SUV kind of car.
A few moments to pace yourself and 'Bingo' you arrive in time and with mirrors intact :)

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Re: Government Think survey

Postby WhoseGeneration » Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:31 pm

Some here need to think about what is considered apposite in modern economies.
Clue, it's not that we should slow down.
It is, of course, indicative of hypocrisy.

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