Audi, Porsche join VW scandal.

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Re: Audi, Porsche join VW scandal.

Postby akirk » Thu Nov 05, 2015 6:17 pm

M1ke H wrote:
Revian wrote:I suppose this seals the fate of Internet forums! :roll:

I can think of several that I'm convinced are steam driven - so no issue there then ;)

We have Guinea pigs in wheels powering this one :)

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Re: Audi, Porsche join VW scandal.

Postby Playtent » Thu Nov 05, 2015 7:22 pm

My retired father with too much time on his hands has got himself some solar panels.
He has 30 high capacity batteries in the garage and 24 solar panels on the roof and another 6 on the house.
He was telling me that in peak sun he is producing over 30kw per day.
He has this fancy system that can sell it to the grid but he doesn't, he sends it to his batteries and they keep the house topped up during the day and run the house overnight. The batteries are second hand from a backup radio system and are unused and cost him a fraction of their original cost.

He has a wood stove with a back boiler and has never had gas over the last 30 years as it's connected to his heating/hot water system. He has some land and tree surgeons use it as a tip for their tree waste which he then burns. For the summer he uses solar water heating when his stove isn't in use.

Last year I ended up plastering all the external walls in my parents house as he put insulated plaster board on the walls as its 100 years old with solid walls. The downside is the front room where the stove is now slowly cooks them throughout the winter evenings.

He's spent about 8k doing it all and is soon to be effectively off grid. Once he is sure he has sufficient battery capacity he will have the electric cut off and have no energy bills whatsoever.

The mind of a retired engineer! :-)
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Re: Audi, Porsche join VW scandal.

Postby Revian » Thu Nov 05, 2015 10:44 pm

+1 to your Dad! I was involved in building a 'commercially green' church annex; big hall, rooms on 2 floors, lift etc. The problem was not keeping warm but being too hot in some rooms at any time of year. This was despite all the software modelling under the sun (pun recognised) including solar gain. 100w per person is the occupants contribution I think. Tad more than 8k at 1.8m...

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