The perfect car.... ...?!

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Re: The perfect car.... ...?!

Postby sussex2 » Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:42 am

If I had to plump for a perfect car it would be one that:
Wasn't taken around a German race track to see how fast it could do it; thus not needing a rock hard ride.
Couldn't be fitted with bling too large wheels; which IMO do not improve the ride or handling of any car they are fitted to.
One that had slightly imperfect handling of a type you love one day and are not sure another.
A car that has just enough power to do the job and needs a bit of stoking up to do it.
Oh, and nothing that could even remotely described as an SUV.

Thinking on I've had a couple that pretty much fit the bill - anyone for a guess?

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