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Postby akirk » Wed Sep 30, 2015 10:12 am

I have been setting up some additional forums and would love feedback :)
the present approach is to not have too much depth (i.e. having to click on a parent forum to see sub-forums within) as that can take longer to navigate... however it does mean that we have a little more length down the page...
I would also prefer not to have too many forums as that splits conversation, however in the early days of a forum it can also help to have some structure to suggest new discussion - we can always merge / change in the future...

If I get any permissions wrong, do let me know - basic approach is:
- guests and bots (e.g. Google) get to read, but not join in with much of the forum...
- registered members can join in anywhere, but there is also a members section that only they can see / read / post within - and in theory the bots etc. don't get to see it...


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