Old school or new school? Both and neither!

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Re: Old school or new school? Both and neither!

Postby jcochrane » Sat May 28, 2016 2:48 pm

Rolyan wrote:
jcochrane wrote:Welcome and if you think your old school I'm not sure what that makes me, no doubt there will be the odd rude comment to tell me, :roll: but I started driving cars in the early 1950's, too young for a licence :shock: , but no one cared on the quiet lanes, where I grew up, back then.

My grandad was a horse and cart delivery man back in the days when vehicles were scarce. I'm getting on a bit so this is a long time ago, back when the world was black and white; perhaps you knew him!

One day the Comapny he worked for (in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire) announced they were getting a van. The car company brought it round, and invited my grandad into the cab. He then drove around the yard for half an hour or so while he 'learned' changing gears, steering, braking etc. The owner of the company then said excellent, that'll do, here's your job, delivering to .........Scotland!!! So off he went.

Those were the days!

Lovely images. :D I remember coal and milk, amongst other things, being delivered by horse drawn cart and most houses in my street had no electricity only gas and outside toilets. The nearest surfaced road was some miles from where I lived. Life was very different back then. :)

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